I can't imagine where my life would have ended up if I did not have the arts to help steer me in positive directions. As a teen, I was all over the place. I grew up in the inner city, "hood" of S.E. Washington, DC., in a single parent home. I was looking for direction. The performing arts helped to save my life and my husband's! For the past 20 plus years, we have co-founded and directed our arts organization, Moore Arts Movement Theater Company, (MAM). We have been professionally training and teaching youth and adults of various communities from DC to Georgia, and beyond, in the performing arts. Character building and leadership skills is Moore Arts Movement's primary focus.

As co-founder and Director of Moore Arts, I will be performing and sharing for the first time in a staged reading production, LITTLE GIRL WITH BIG DREAMS, on March 18, 2018. In other words, I'm laying my heart out there to continue to do the work I am called to do. This on stage production is different from our previous dramatic stage plays. This production will feature my personal and powerful life experiences through my original writings.

We would be honored if you could attend! Also, share invite others who love the arts, may need encouragement and/or would love to partner with us financially to keep our organization strong! As we move forward in training youth of communities in the performing arts, we are praying for partners with the same passion for youth. Many of our targeted youth's parents have financial challenges but most certainly have untouched gifts and talents. It is a joy to see parent's eyes light up when they witness what our training has done for their children. What a blessing, for the past 27 years, to see so many of our youth move on to college, excelling in the arts and many other professions. Our mission is to continually, successfully develop and train more youth with integrity and professionalism.

Please join us on March 18th, in Georgia at our first benefit production of 2018, 



This proceeds from all productions will help us kick off an amazing year and reach out to more youth!

 You may purchase your tickets in advance at www.eventbrite.com

We are very excited about the possibility of connecting with you and your family, contacts, friends, peers who would be interested in supporting our efforts in the performing arts!

With love and appreciation, we say thank you in advance.

Consumed by the call,
Selentia The Motivator Moore



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